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12 Unbelievable McDonalds Nutrition Facts

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McDonald’s is one of the leading ventures in the world today. Standing out from the herd of sheep, McDonald’s has managed to emerge itself into the outstanding retailer of hamburgers throughout the world. We are going to know McDonald’s nutrition facts is of prime focus to consciously force your abdomen to move towards a healthy way.

More than 68 million customers from over 120 different countries trust the brand McDonalds for their hamburgers, fries, chicken, shakes, cold beverages, and desserts.

Mind-Blowing McDonald’s Nutrition Facts you don’t know about

Mcdonalds Facts

McDonald’s opens up the world’s First Vegetarian Restaurant.

Growing consumption of food high in fat is spurring concern for the Indians. Therefore, McDonald has opened its world’s first vegetarian outlet near Amritsar, India after ensuring proper McDonald’s nutrition.

#McDonald’s Nutrition Facts

Consumption of beef by Americans is amazing in amounts.

Big Mac is one of the lavish and amazing dishes in McDonald’s era. You will be surprised to know that Americans alone consume one billion pounds of beef at McDonald’s in a year after eating Big Mac.

According to McDonald’s menu prices, the price of Big Mac in India is $2.41 and as per McDonald’s Nutrition, this mouthwatering hamburger has 550 calories in it.

Know Better About Mcdonalds

Great deal with McDonald’s Fries nutrition facts.

Coming to this amazing recipe by McDonald’s, 14 ingredients are used to make the perfect fries for you. McDonald’s sells around 13 billion servings of fries each year, which amounts to 97 servings for every person born in a year. Taking care of McDonald’s Nutrition, by grabbing a full-length packet of Fries, you are going to consume 220 calories, a data taken from McDonald’s calorie menu. Surprisingly, Mc Fries are not at all vegan too. So, beware before eating!

#McDonalds Nutrition Facts

McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets nutrition facts: Are they worth money?

Mcdonalds Nutrition fact

Have you ever wondered that your mind-blowing chicken nuggets possess different shapes when you order them?

Actually yes, there are four shapes of the nuggets: The bone, bell, ball, and boot. Having delicious bite comes with small surprises too! According to McDonald’s calories menu, an average of 10 nuggets contains about 1000 mg of Sodium (in perspective, the average adult only needs about 2000mg of sodium). This could lead to higher blood pressure.

So, decide for you better, whether you want tastiness or health.

#McDonald’s Nutrition Facts

Breakfast options after looking at McDonald’s breakfast nutrition facts

McDonald’s has also taken care of your diet by inventing low calories meals. At breakfast, you can have your stomach full of such amazing dishes like Fruit ’N Yogurt Parfait, Hash Browns, each having 150 calories with a very low amount of McDonald carbs.

Sausage Burrito, Egg McMuffin are other options available for your breakfast but contain slightly higher calories (300 calories).

Some more facts about McDonalds

Therefore, McDonald’s Nutrition has taken complete care of its customers by launching #AllDayBreakfastMenu.

Enjoy your amazing and fantastic meal!

McDonald run online shopping portal and a Hamburger University

In 1961, the company opened Hamburger University; today, there are more than 2,750,000 graduates and 60+ full-time college professors.

Big Mac, as told, is the most famous hamburger served by McDonald. Therefore, fans can get Big Mac paraphernalia by purchasing Big Mac-patterned pajamas, wallpaper (to name a few) onto their online site named smilemakers.com.

You can gauge a country’s currency by its McDonald’s prices

The Economist created the “Big Mac Index” in 1986 as a shorthand way to determine whether a country’s currency is inflated. The index uses the international prices of a Big Mac, a globally available food product, to illustrate the differences in monetary value between nations.  In January 2019, the average price for a Big Mac was $5.58 in America and $6.62 in Switzerland.

McDonald’s per day sale is way more than you could imagine.

It is one of the important facts under our article about McDonald’s Nutrition Facts. You will be surprised to know that over 70 million people in the UK eat at McDonald’s every day.  It’s also the number one employer in the UK. Daily, it sells around 75 burgers every second which is way more than the population of many countries.

Some More Mcdonalds Nutrition facts

Build your own Burger with BYOG

Build Your Own Burger, that is in efforts to meet consumer demands and expectations, the Golden Arches is launching its “Experience of the Future” restaurant design which will feature kiosk ordering, table service, mobile app functionality, curbside delivery, and a modernized interior design. This plan was successfully launched at U.S.in 2015 and going to expand throughout the world by 2025.

You can easily select your McDonald’s nutrition as per your convenience.

McDonald’s daily customer traffic is more than the population of Great Britain.

Due to McDonald’s nutrition, McDonald’s kingdom is bigger than Burger King, Arby’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell combined.

According to the surveys conducted, approximately 63 million people visit McDonald’s every single day.

This is a remarkable fact in our presentation of McDonalds Nutrition Facts.

McDonald’s has taken special care for diabetes patients too.

After studying McDonald’s calories menu and considering McDonald’s nutrition, various items have been fallen under the category of McDonalds Nutrition Facts which are hash browns, McNuggets, Bacon Ranch Salad, and Side salad.

Therefore, even after putting your health first, you can enjoy McDonald’s palatable dishes.


Now introducing, MMcDonald’s LogocDonald’s next.

According to Nielsen’s Global Health & Wellness survey, about 50% of the respondents are trying to lose weight and 75% of those people are planning to do so by changing their diets and focusing on more natural and fresh foods.

In response to the world growing more health-conscious, McDonald’s solution seems to be “McDonald’s Next”.

I’m Lovin it…

McDonald’s or in short, McD is leading ahead from all of its rival companies such as Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, etc. McDonald’s is the world’s second-largest private employer with 1.8 million employees working in it. The future is going to change its path and surely will boost the sales of McDonald’s to a tremendous amount.

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