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99+ Interesting Facts About Lions That Will Amaze You

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Lions, the most majestic and ferocious creature on the planet, a personality that symbolizes strength, power, and fearsome, and that is the reason they are the “King of the Jungle“.

Once they were the second most spread species after humans, but they are now confined to only Africa and India. The species that once ruled a huge area of Africa and Eurasia has now become a vulnerable creature.
What do we call a group of lions? ​Pride. Were you aware of that? No, right? Well, if you did, then here are some interesting facts about lions you bet you knew.

Interesting Facts about lion: Demographics

Amazing Facts about Lions

  • Long time back, some two thousand years ago, lions were a part of not only Africa and India but also Israel, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan. In the year 1940, there were around 4,50,000, but today they are only 20,000 in number.
  • Lions now have even extinct from 26 African countries. They are now present in only 1 Asian country and 28 African countries and it is believed that only 6 countries have more than 1,000 lions.
  • Although Lions are the king of the jungle, yet they are the second largest of the big cat species, after tigers, the largest one. Also, this big cat does not live in jungles, but they live in the grasslands, open woodlands, and scrubs.
  • Gir Forest is the home to the lions in India. Surprisingly, where lions have become a vulnerable species in other parts of the country, in India, the number had increased to 674 in 2020 from 523 in 2015.

Interesting Facts about lions: Life Cycle and Behaviour

Some Interesting Facts About Lions

  • One of the most interesting facts about African lions is that they are the most social species and live in a group of 15-20 comprising all males, females, and cubs.
  • Lions have a lifespan of 10-14 years in the wild, and if kept in captivity, their life is of 20-25 years. Lionesses live up to 15-18 years.

Interesting Facts about Lions: Physical Appearance

  • A male lion has a length of approx 184 to 208 cm and weighs around 180 kg whereas females generally are 160 to 184 cm in length (head-to-body length) and weigh around 130 kg. Interestingly, the highest weight recorded in a lion is 365 kg.
  • Lions can leap for 36 feet and can run with a speed of 81 KPH but only for a short while because they lack stamina.

White Lion Facts

  • An adult male can roar so high that it can be heard up to 8 km. Their roar is deeper than the lionesses. They have a ligament in their voice box that causes this furious roar which is generally found in the biggest cats.
  • The distinct manes differentiate male lions. The older the male lion grows, the denser and darker their manes grow. It could stretch up to 16 cm and is a symbol of dominance.
  • Manes marks sexual maturity and attracts female lionesses and protects the neck and head of the male lions from injury during fights.
  • Lions are of different colours like brown, yellow, tan, and red. A baby lion has a yellow spot in their back which disappears when they grow old.

Interesting Facts about Lions: Unique Features

Lion Fact

  • Lions can see even in the dark. Amazingly they can see six times better than humans. There is a reflective coating at the back of the eyes that helps lions for capturing the moonlight. Also, the white fur under their eyes helps to reflect more light.
  • Another quick interesting fact about lions is that they are night hunters. They have a special ability to see in the dark and they will be able to catch their prey easily.
  • Lionesses play a major role in hunting, while male lions protect the pride’s territory. However, the male lion eats first, then the lioness and then the cubs.
  • Only the lions among all other members of the cat family have a tasseled tail. It not only gives a unique look to the lion but also gives a message to the other lions in the pride, such as ‘come this way’. This tassel starts appearing when the lion is just 5-7 months old.

Interesting Facts about Lions: Food, Water and Sleep

Lion power

  • Lions generally eat large animals available in grasslands like zebras, wild beast, and antelopes. A male lion can eat more than 7 kg, and a female lion eats 5 KG of meat in a day.
  • One other interesting fact about lions is that they love snoozing. They can snooze for 20 hours in a day, especially after finishing their meal.
  • A fascinating fact about lions is that they can drink water from plants. Usually, most of the time, they slake their thirst from their prey only; however, they also drink water from the plant called Tsamma melon.

Interesting Facts about Lions: Life and Culture

#20 Another interesting fact about lions is that when they acquire a new pride or territory, they make a group of 3 to 4 male lions and attack the resident male lion till death and will also kill his cubs.

  • There are two bronze lion statues at the entrance of the New York public library. They are named as Patience and Fortitude, back in the 1930s to express the New Yorkers’ quality during the Great Depression.

Lions in group

  • Lions have often been used as symbols in literary masterpieces. Like it symbolizes Gryffindor House in the Harry Potter series. It was also there in the Chronicles of Narnia.

  • Male lions mate with the female lions of the pride for 100 times in just two days to ensure that the female lion gets pregnant.
  • Lionesses are extremely caring in nature. They even adopt the neglected cubs, feed them, and give them a chance to survive.


Finally, we have come to the end of interesting facts about lions list. Lions have always been a heritage to the world, and they have withheld a long list of interesting facts within them. It was just a piece of some unknown facts from the life of the “king of the jungle”. Their life is very different from what it appears.

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