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50+ Fun Facts About Taylor Swift You Probably Don’t Know

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A very young, talented, and glamorous American singer-songwriter and actress named Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania. She was named after James Taylor, a famous singer, and performer in his own right. Let’s start some fun facts about Taylor Swift…

How did Taylor learn singing and guitar

Know better Taylor Swift

  • Before heading into the world of music, Swift used to go on an excursion to New York for vocal and acting lessons. Swift was largely stimulating to pursue country music by listening to Shania Twain. 
  • Today, she can play guitar, banjo, piano, ukulele, and electric guitar.

After learning a guitar from computer repairman Ronnie Cremer she wrote her first song “Lucky you” at the age of 12.

She Loves Disney

Information about Taylor Swift

Taylor has even elucidated herself as obsessed with Disney cartoons. She was even recorded voice of one the character Lorax. This shows she is an attractive young girl that enjoys things that are solicitous and thoughtful. She spent her childhood on an 11 acre Christmas tree farm.

Taylor Hit Career

  • Taylor keeps churning out hit after hit it is amazing and there doesn’t appear to be anything slowing her down.
  • She also had a cameo appearance in the 2010 film Hannah Montana.
  • Swift has acted in other films too,
    • In 2010 “Valentine’s Day”
    • In 2014 “The Giver”
  • Sold more than 50 million albums and 150 million singles globally, Swift is one of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time.
  • She was named Global Recording Artist of the Year twice by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (2014 and 2019)
  • Woman of the Decade (the 2010s) by Billboard
  • The Artist of the Decade (2010s) by the American Music Awardsfun facts about taylor swift

When she is looking for a great snack after a long performance, she turns to the delicious treat of cheesecake.

  •  She has dated many famous dudes

She has dated Harry Styles, Jon Mayor, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Conor Kennedy to name a few. If the relationship doesn’t end well, she will probably write a breakup song about you.

  • Number Thirteen is lucky for Taylor

Her lucky number is 13 unlike the majority of western civilization, Taylor is not triskaidekaphobic – i.e. she’s not afraid of number 13 in fact she loves it so much so that it influences big-deal stuff she does even writes 13 on her hand before every show.

Young Taylor Swift in 2011

Lucky number for Taylor Swift

Some reasons are – that she born on 13, she turned 13 on Friday the 13th, Taylor’s first record achieved gold status in 13 weeks.

Taylor’s Achievements

  • Her album ” Fearless ” is the most granted collection throughout the entire existence of down home music. The album is affirmed six-times platinum.
  • Taylor is the youngest artist in history to win a Grammy Award for Album of the year in 2010. She was only 20 years old at that time.

Some more fun facts about taylor swift

Taylor Got Musical Award 2010

She has won a national poetry contest with her poem titled “Monster in My Closet”.

  • Taylor is the first country singer to win an MTV Video Music Award. Her video “You Belong with Me” won the Best Female Video award in 2009.
  • She has received two Golden Globe Award nominations.
  • To date, she has sold over 26 million albums and 75 million digital single downloads.

Taylor’s GoodwillTaylor Swift Tour at Ford Field

  • It is said that she owns two Dassault private jets worth up to $58 million each.
  • Currently, Taylor’s net worth is sitting at $360 million.
  • She earned $5 million in record sales, $2.4 million through streaming, and $2 million in publishing royalties.
  • She has an $84 million real estate portfolio.

Tylor’s Donation

  • On her 24th birthday, she donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony.
  • Taylor has pledged $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame to fund the Taylor Swift Education Center and donated $50,000 to the NYC public schools.

Some more fun facts about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift doing live show

  • Taylor once got in a car accident and the person who hit her asked her for an autograph.
  • Taylor was the first celebrity to have her own custom Twitter emoji
  • Sometimes after a show, Taylor will watch people leave behind the stage. “I’ll look at the shirts that they made, and the signs, and cover themselves in Christmas lights… I know that’s creepy, but I just like to watch”.
  • Taylor doesn’t plan her outfits. She usually decides to wear right before she walks out the door.

  • She said she would practise guitar until her figure bled.
  • She says Shania Twain is her greatest influence, but is also “devoted” to Britney Spears.
  • She played a rebellious teen in an episode of CSI in 2009.
  • Taylor is close friend with celebrity Miley Cyrus, she described her as: “so incredibly funny and sweet”.
  • Taylor said that after vogue gave her a haircut in 2102, She’d walk up to people and say hi and they’d ignore her because they didn’t recognize her. She joked that it was like being back in middle school.
  • She’s a very thoughtful gift-giver as She was the first person to give the couple a housewarming present when they moved into their new apartment. It was a taxidermied moth.
  • Her twitter is @taylorswift13.
  • She is the youngest and thrilling artist who had written and sang a song which is at number one position on the hot country songs.
  • Her hair color is blond, her eyes are blue in color. Taylor’s eyes are very pretty and a scientist said that her eyes color is very rare because it’s electric blue with black tint on the outline.

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