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10 Interesting Facts About Rabindra Sarovar

Evening over Rabindra Sarovar Lake Kolkata-min

Rabindra Sarovar Lake is really a great attraction in Kolkata. As its nearest places and the great beautiful greenery garden with the crystal clear Lake draws attraction. You can see so many players are playing in that field, there are a lot of people who are sitting and gossiping. For one beautiful evening, you can easily spend your day here whenever you are in Kolkata.

Do not miss this place at all. In this article, we will share the awesome history of this lake and also its beautiful features that you should not miss at all. There are so many great architectures in Kolkata but this lake is literally famous for the greenery views and the beautiful Lake. Not just Rabindra Sarovar Lake you can also have the Dhakuria Lake with it.

You will have a bridge that you can cross and have the fun of the scenery. For one evening it is a really great place to visit with your friends and family whenever you are in Kolkata. After that, you can also have fun with the exhibition to the nearest gallery gold and have foods from the outside areas. Please have a look at the features and the history and the other details we have shared in Our article. Otherwise, you will really miss something very interesting!


Rabindra Sarobar which was once known as Dhakuria Lake is an artificial lake located in the southern fringes of the city of Kolkata. Some well known and renowned neighbourhoods of Southern Avenue, Dhakuria, Lake Gardens, and South City encompass the lake. Alongside the south section of Sealdah network of Kolkata Suburban Railway passes right through, margining the water body.

The history of Rabindra Sarobar Lake dates back to the initial years of the decade of 1920. Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority had an independent body called Calcutta Improvement Trust also known as CIT, responsible for carrying out the projects for recreational development and beautification of the city. The CIT planned to acquire at least a kilometre square area of marshy forests and develop the area into a recreational area. They had the objective to develop the area into an upgraded residential area, improved and wide roads, and fill the stretch with parks, lakes, and gardens. Eventually, the excavation work was carried out and a large lake was conceived in that area.

Till 1951 the lake was known as Dhakuria Lake. This was when the Calcutta Improvement Body decided to change the name of the lake to Rabindra Sarobar, in honour of arguably the most famous personality of Bengal, the renowned poet, and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Today the lake stands as one of the most popular spots for recreation in the city of Kolkata. Almost 70 acres of the area is filled with water which is surrounded by century-old trees and shrubs. The alleyway is used by joggers and people who are enthusiastic about morning walks. The promenade is a beautiful stretch and people regularly use it for recreational activities. Fishing and Swimming without authority in the lake is prohibited and attract penalties. Rowing in the water is allowed before sunset.



The opening time of Rabindra Sarobar Lake is 6 AM in the morning. It opens for jogging, walks, and recreational activities. Till 7 PM visitors are allowed to take a stroll and walk around the water and other activities.

Any time you can come here for any type of activities. From every age group, all the people are welcome here. You can come here with your kids. They can play in the garden easily and you can spend a lovely time in the garden enjoying the outer view scenery with a cup of tea or coffee.


There are various ways and options to reach Rabindra Sarobar Lake owing to a highly advanced public transportation scene in Kolkata.


There are several places holding a visitor’s interest located near the Rabindra Sarobar Lake.

Let’s Sum Up

Rabindra Sarobar Lake is one of the most important attractions of Kolkata. Whenever you visit South Kolkata must come here. It is not so far from Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station. You will get to see a beautiful lake and a greenery Garden where you can spend your time with your family or loved ones. Or else you can also do several types of activities. For at least one day it is a very good place to visit.

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