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10 Shocking Facts About Coronavirus

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Things you need to know about the pandemic of 2020

2020 has served a pause to the fast lives of the world. Everyone has been staying in their homes for months with fears that it could turn over a year. People are dying to meet their loved ones and have started to miss their workplace like never before. No one knew that a virus could change the lives of the entire world so drastically. People have heard a lot about this virus and the news is everywhere. There are more facts about coronavirus that you will be shocked to know about!

1. What is the coronavirus exactly?

To know about the facts about coronavirus, you first need to know what it actually is! Coronavirus is a family of the virus that has about 40 different types and Sars-cov-2 is the name of the virus scientifically. This family of viruses does not only have the potential to infect humans but can also infect the animals. The amazing fact here is that virus sars-cov-2 is that type in the family of viruses that can affect the human race massively!

Coronavirus Facts

2. Why is this known as COVID-19

The name of the disease which is caused by the virus sars-cov-2 is COVID-19. Cov is the abbreviation given for coronavirus and 19 stands for the year the pandemic began in! The most amazing fact about coronavirus is that this virus has never been discovered by the scientist and that is the reason why we have no source to stop the spread.

3. How did it infect humans?

Humans have been evolving for 2 billion years and because of the evolution, our bodies have learned to deal with thousands of viruses that exist on the earth. The amazing corona fact is that the human body has never dealt with something so complicated. The virus catches the body and shows no symptoms or flu-like symptoms. It is said that the novel coronavirus came from animals and infected humans and that’s when it changes to a new virus.


4. What is so deadly about the virus?

The deadly thing about the virus is that it has no symptoms or flu-like symptoms. The fact about coronavirus says that once it enters the human cell, it forces the cell to produce the viruses copy into a thousand more and once that happens the cell dies. This is the reason this virus is contagious because it stays with the host once it enters.

5.  Can masks protect the virus from entering?

Transportation Isolation from Coronavirus

Masks that have a tightly built structure can protect the virus particles from entering. Facts about coronavirus say that the virus can enter through surgical masks because it has openings that are larger than the virus. So, to protect yourself you need to wear masks that are more solid and cannot let the virus pass through its hole.

6.   How can it spread?

Coronavirus Facts

The virus can stay in the air for about three hours and this is why you need to be careful when you move out of your house. The facts about coronavirus state that the virus can stay on surfaces like cardboard for more than 9 hours and plastic and steel it can stay for up to 3 days. Touching anything where an infected person has touched or passed through can be dangerous for a healthy person as it can easily mutate from one hose to another in no time and the most shocking part is that you won’t even get to know it for a few days!

7.  Why is washing hands important?

Protection from Coronavirus

Washing your hands regularly and keeping them sanitized is important to keep the virus away from getting in contact with you in any way. The virus that gets on your hands can travel anywhere when you touch our body and even your clothes. It is advised that you change your clothes, wash your hands, and clean your face every time you enter your home.

8.     Why was lockdown implemented if the spread was going to get worse?

Lockdown according to the facts about coronavirus, was a way to slow down the multiplication process. Lockdown was implemented in order to stop people from moving and giving the virus more hosts to multiply itself. Social distancing is an important weapon against this war as it can help us stay away from the person who is infected. If the virus fails to multiply, it will decrease the number of chances to infect people and it has amazingly worked in areas where there is a low population. In areas with a high population, the lockdown has helped slow down the process of rapidly multiplying the cases until a solid cure arises.

9.     Why is the virus deadly?

Coronavirus Screening

When we talk about the severity in cases, most of the patients getting affected with the virus are mild and the people who are getting affected badly are the people who have some prolonged disease or some kind of abnormality. The recovery rate of mild cases is fast but the only reason why this virus is deadly is that it is spreading at a very accelerated rate and no one has a solution over how to stop it from spreading. Until there is a vaccine or medicine which can cure people more speedily, this virus remains deadly.


10.  What about the vaccine?

Testing of Coronavirus

The whole world has never been so much eager to know about the development of a vaccine. According to the facts about coronavirus, there are 10 to 13 vaccines that are racing to come to a finish line and give the world the hope it awaits. From the vaccines in trials, there are about 2 to 3 vaccines that are in the final stage of the clinical trials. This includes one from Oxford and one from china.

Russia has recently claimed that it has completed the clinical trials successfully and now every one eye on how and when this process is going to lead us to the other side of the pandemic. There are about 13 million infected cases and over half a million people who lost their lives. Let’s hope the better days are coming!

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