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10 Amazing Facts About Krubera Cave Probably Don’t Know Yet

Krubera Cave Facts

Krubera Cave is the deepest cave in the world that we know so far but there may be more such caves that we do not know about yet. This cave is also called Voronya Cave by another name. It’s located in the Gagra Range of the Western Caucasus’ Arabika Massif a breakaway region of Georgia. Exploration has reached as far which makes it the cave is known to exist. Let’s begin with amazing facts about Krubera Cave. You must have wanted to know why this cave was named Krubera Cave.

#1 For the first time, a group of people entered inside this cave, they saw many thousands of crows nests, due to which the name of this cave got name Krubera Cave. The name “Krubera” gave by Soviet speleologists who explored this cave first time in 1960. The meaning of this Krubera Cave is “Crows Cave”.

#2 The discovery of this cave is also very surprising because this cave is in a very inaccessible area where it is very difficult to go because the weather there is very bad, there weather is fine for only 4 months in 1 year.

#3 This cave was first mentioned as the deepest cave in 2001 when the group of speleologists was reached at the depth of 5000 feet (1524 meters) because the deepest cave in 2001 was 263 feet (80 meters) deep. But, again the group of speleologists had explored in 2004, they were reached 7100 feet (2164 meters) approx. depth, which was a huge world record.

Most Amazing Facts about Krubera Cave

#4 In today’s era, there is one way to go inside the Earth is Kubera Cave. The researcher is still researching how deep can we go inside the Earth through Krubera Cave. In 2012, a group of speleologists had been landed in it for the third time, and the depth had been measured 7208 feet. That time, the speleologist team had spent 27 days inside the Krubera Cave.

#5 Gennadiy Samokhin was the Ukrainian cave diver who reached the deepest point of the Krubera Cave. Speleologists were there to find out why the design of this cave is different and what is the source of water. They were trying to reveal more and more secrets about Earth.

#6  Krubera Cave has deepest living animals found on Earth. In Krubera Cave, scientists had found new species of beetle named Catops Cavicis and found 12 different arthropod species.

Do not know what secrets are hidden inside the earth that can change our future. Even today it is completely secret how this Krubera Cave formed, how deep it is, and what is its endpoint?

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