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99+ Amazing Facts About Girls

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Reading a girl’s mind is the most challenging, yet most wonderful thing ever. It’s not just about today, even from ancient times, it has always been a mystery what is running through a girl’s mind. Here are amazing facts about girls that gonna surprise you and make you laugh too. So go on, have a read and see how much you know about yourself and the other women around you. Don’t forget to thank me later. Girls are emotional, they know how you feel: 

Be careful about words when you speak to a girl. They seek respect and respect it back with add-ons. They read how you feel than what you say. They’re okay even you tease them sweetly but won’t bare you if you praise them without showing the same feel.

Facts about girls

  • Girls have better taste and sense  

There is no comparison between girls’ taste and sense capability with the boys. Girl’s re choosy yet they shortlist best ones, they notice more but less on telling on your face, they’re good listeners but speak when it’s required, they have a better taste with food, clothes, etc. also a good sense of humor to win your attention.

  • They’ve greater recall memory

If you’re wondering why your partner always brings things up from the past, it’s because women’s brains have been shown to have greater recall and memory than men’s. That’s a science.

  • Girls attract towards resources than attractiveness

Men mostly seek youth and attractiveness, on the other side girls attract resources over attractiveness. Girls found to be materialistic and like to date with those who are graded rich than smart.

Psychology says that a woman don’t need any kind of solution to solve her issues, she has her own power to face, solve, and restore normalization on her own. When she set for fire, she is a step away to turn things in her favor. 


  •  It is very difficult to answer a question asked by a woman

If a woman asks a question to you, use your intelligence to find out if she needs an explanation, a straight answer, a confirmation, or a validation?  If you failed to give her an appropriate answer, you at risk

  •  You cannot lie to a woman

Lie a woman is not easy because she trusts reading your face, not what you say, and quickly find out the changes in you. If you push to explain more, she would end up the conversation saying “okay”.  So be wise, go transparent, and save yourselves from hassles.

  •  Girls want to Feel Special

It is used to said that girls always seeking attention but the fact is they like it when someone makes her feel special. They’re respect seekers and better know how to respect back so have a try, make a girl feel special, and watch the difference.

  •  Girls love style than comfort

Style is not comfortable but they prefer to be stylish than being comfortable. 

Amazing Facts about girls

  •  Girls shed tears readily

Girls fact, they’re are soft-hearted and don’t wait to shed their tears even on the small emotional moments. Boys have a deeper duct than girls but girls prefer to drain it because they’re sensitive, they get pleased and hurt too soon.

  •  They make their man fat

A common change in man can be seen after the marriage that they get their tummy out and they became fat, it just because of extra care by their girl with a loving heart. Go out, do a workout instead of blaming a girl for that.

Flowers, a candlelight dinner isn’t enough.  If You want to turn her on, look for the best timing and kiss on a neck and you’re all set for a nice time.

  •  They may have a lot of crushes but their hearts belong to one special

Girls get attracted to many and turn to crushes, they try talking to most of the attractiveness but their hearts beat for only one and special.

  • Girls on her period get most Irritated

Avoid going close to a girl when she is on her period else she’ll ask to skip everything that irritates her, no wonder if she asks to stop breathing.

  • “I want my Mom” is a punchline of every girl

When a girl goes sad or feeling alone or hurt, the only thing they wish and demand is her mom.

Some more amazing facts about girls:-

  •  Beware! When She’s Silent

Girls are fun-loving in nature, they love gossiping. When you find them silent its time to worry because it means she is holding a thunderstorm inside. Don’t get panic, allow her little time to cool down and she’ll be good again.  

Know better about girls

  •  A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20 percent more as an adult:

They’re sincere, they’re hard-working, they’re consistent, their grabbing is really attentive so when they gain extra knowledge, they added extra milestones to their organization hence in return get paid more.

A man who smells good is perceived as more attractive by women: Women’s smelling sense is excellent. If you’re married, they can smell a perfume that is not yours. If you dating a girl, make sure you put on a nice scent or feel sorry for the breakup.     

  •  Gossiping is the favorite pastime of girls, they’re more Talkative

This has been proverb for many decades and doesn’t need an explanation though. Hoaa!!  

  •  Girl’s behavior? It’s highly unpredictable

They’re moody, they’re contemporary, they don’t give logic to circumstances, they use more on heart side instead brain so be flexible with your girl who may act unpredictably any time.

  • Girls pumped up when guys ask them for advice 

Girls seek not just importance but attention too. When you show faith in them, consider their advice, follow what they suggest are good enough to pump them up for anything.

Information about girls

  •  Girls love it go flat when guys pull them close by the waist, especially by tallboy

It’s always feel good with a filmy but romantic scene of being pulled by your guy by the waist and taking you in safe arms with taller hight.

Ladies, you’re worth more! I hope you found these amazing, pretty, and controversial facts about women. Which one is the biggest surprise for you?

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